• The Frederick Ashton Foundation - Website
  • Andrew Allen, Photographic Stylist - Website
  • Julio Ortega Herrera, Body Sculpting Masseur - Website
  • 2020 Design and Build - Brand ID
  • Roxburg Clothing - Brand ID
  • Julio Ortega Herrera, Body Sculpting Masseur - Brand ID
  • Body Control Pilates - A4 folder inserts
  • Roxburg - Letterhead, compliment slip and business card
  • Chloe Paterson - Flyer

Oliver is a London based Designer creating Websites, Brand ID, Brochures, Advertising and Promotional Material. His clients range from individuals starting their first business, through to Charities and International Limited Companies.

Oliver established himself as a freelance Designer in 2002 after working for both a Multimedia, and a Graphic Design Studio. Prior to this he worked in the theatre as a Performer, Costume Designer and Choreographer.

Please contact Oliver if you would be interested in discussing your project:


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The Frederick Ashton Foundation
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Andrew Allen - Photographic Stylist
An image heavy site. This site requires a recent version of your chosen browser and broadband to function well as it contains large image files click here

Julio Ortega Herrera - Body Sculpting Masseur
A simple, minimal web page click here